Starsector 0.6a is out!

A major new version of Starsector has been released. The feature list is sizeable and includes a complete overhaul of sound effects used in the combat segment of the game. Here’s a short video preview I made:

Making more than a hundred scifi sound effects for this release was an enormous undertaking, far surpassing anything I imagined it to be – but also extremely educational.

Creating sounds for things that don’t exist is very, very difficult and a sure-fire method you can always use to come up with a great sound does not exist. So you’re left with pure experimentation: Recording _anything_ that could possibly sound interesting, wildly combining that material and processing it in every way imaginable will at some point lead  to an interesting sound. Sometimes it takes ten minutes, sometimes it takes two days. You won’t know beforehand.

There’s lots of sounds in 0.6a that will change but there are also sounds that I feel are quite original and am very proud of. I hope you’ll keep your ears open while playing :)

You can preorder the game at if you haven’t already.

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The Occult Chronicles is out!


Cryptic Comet has released v1.0 of The Occult Chronicles. The game features sound effects and music by yours truly – an interesting mix of ambient horror music that has just a tiny twist of humor here and there, if you can spot it!

The game itself is a horror roguelike where you play an agent tasked with investigating strange events in various locations. It has many boardgame elements to it, as always with Cryptic games, and should especially appeal to anyone who likes Lovecraftian horror.

Go get it at


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Starsector trailer released!

Starsector is a brand new space role-playing game / strategic shooter developed by Fractal Softworks. Imagine a grittier StarControl 2, where instead of one-on-one ship battles you have entire fleets colliding head-on, and you’ll see a glimpse of what this game is like. Some people have called it Mount & Blade in space, which isn’t far off either because the game has a very good campaign mode that is currently being expanded to multiple star systems.

Here’s the official trailer I made:

The game is currently in alpha, but there are already a lot of things to do. You can get the game for a discounted $10 right now with free updates all the way to the finished product.

Check it out @ !

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