My name is Stian and I make music and sound design for video games.

Great game audio can make a massive difference in how fun playing is, and I always strive to create material that makes pushing those buttons just feel better and more alive. I’m also a big proponent of live musicians and always prefer an organic musical performance to a computer-generated one in my compositions.

Check out my works on the site and drop me a line at if you’d like to collaborate!


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Some games I’ve worked on:

Starsector (Fractal Softworks – Windows, MacOS, Linux)
V-Wing 2 (Turso Entertainment – Windows)
Myc (5th Floor Games – Windows)
The Occult Chronicles (Cryptic Comet – Windows, MacOS)
At A Distance (Terry Cavanagh – Windows, MacOS)
Six Gun Saga (Cryptic Comet – Windows, MacOS)
Cubz (Rudicubes, iOS)
Solium Infernum (Cryptic Comet – Windows, MacOS)
Chromixa (iOS)
Crayon Physics Deluxe (Petri Purho – Windows)

Here’s a Behind The Scenes look at how I’m creating faction music for the scifi RPG/strategy game Starsector:

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